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Stop Negative Reviews – Online Reviews are Broken. It’s Time to Stop the Madness

A recent study conducted in the European Union revealed 66% of online reviews are unreliable.  That’s reason enough to stop negative reviews right there. Other studies and reporting here in the United States points to the same trend; everybody is gaming the online reviews system. We went into detail about this recently.

With the sheer volume of fake online reviews it’s a fool’s errand to fight fake reviews.  This isn’t a problem to be handled piecemeal with a onesie-twosie approach; it requires an all-encompassing approach to stop negative reviews en masse. We here at Bury Bad Reviews look at negative search results and reviews like invaders at the front gate of your castle; they’re ready to assault your business with fake negative reviews as they buy good fake reviews of their own so they look good.

How do you protect your castle – your business –  and/or your personal reputation? You build a moat to stop negative reviews. The moat we’ll build for you consists of ten or twenty articles that load Google and the other search engines with content that pushes down negative search results and all of the review websites all at once.  Anybody thinking of doing business with you will only find useful, constructive positive information about your business.

stop negative reviews

This method has the same effect as removing negative reviews in the sense that those reviews never get found.  That’s because very few people go past Google search results on screen one and almost nobody digs deeper past screen two.  There’s no better way to stop negative reviews than burying them deep down where potential customers won’t find them.

Taking a proactive approach is the smart play; build your moat before the bad reviews show up. You’ll sleep like a baby at night knowing you’ll never wake up to a barrage of bad reviews to ruin your day, your business and maybe your life.

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