Stop Fake Reviews

Stop Fake Reviews – The Online Review System is FUBAR.

Our holy crusade to stop fake reviews is nothing new. We know we’re fighting against impossible odds thanks to the sad state of consumerism that values online reviews regardless of how wrong and rigged, fake or fraudulent as they usually are.The next best thing is to bury bad reviews to mitigate the damage.  I’ve decided to try a new format to better demonstrate how pernicious fake reviws are and why the conventional online review system must be abandoned as the broken down vehicle it is.


The video is about 20 minutes and walks you through the deconstruction of the Tiger Woods CBD gummies scam step by step.  You are encouraged to take the time to watch the video from start to finish to gain a clear understanding of why we all must stop fake reviews and, in a perfect world, abandon the entire review system on the whole.

For those who want the condensed version supporting the “stop fake reviews” movement here you go.

stop fake reviews
First the fake news click bait to reel you in


Then you land on a fake NBC Golf Channel webpage mocked up with nothing but fake news and fake reviews (please watch the video above to take in the enormity of this fake review scam…)

stop fake reviews

After soaking in fake reviews from seemingly ordinary people along with sports legends Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson and Joe Montana there is a collective list of illnesses and maladies these magic gummies will cure/improve/eliminate including:

• Reduces Diabetic Symptoms

• Supports Joint Health

• Reduces Anxiety

• Reduces Headaches

• Reduces Blood Sugar

• Supports Mental Health

• Antioxidant Support

This is just another rendition of snake oil. And this is why everyone must work together in a multitude of ways to stop fake reviews.

Here’s the Snopes breakdown.

Everybody start pushing back against online reviews entirely. Write letters to TV, radio and newspapers. Post all over social media.  Do a TikTok video.  Maybe YouTube also. Talk to your friends and family and your neighbors and co-workers.  Share this with everybody.

If you’re a business owner take things a step further and hire us to put a search engine based firewall around your business then eliminate all of your online review presences as best you can.

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