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Revenge Reviews – Your Worst Fake Reviews Might Not Come from Customers.

People today are angrier than ever and seek to lash out any way they can.  Revenge porn, for a while, was a popular vehicle for vengeance until laws were gradually passed all over the country making it a crime. Revenge reviews is a similar approach to getting back at someone online.  The way I see it, revenge reviews should be punished as criminal behavior but they aren’t.

In both cases the offending party is a coward hiding behind their keyboard extracting their pound of flesh from people who they think deserve to be punished.  In the old days, if you were angry with a business owner maybe you would break his windows or slash his tires.  Very few people have the balls to actually do something so they slither behind their keyboards to to rant against theoretical bad guys which is actually much more costly to a business than property damage.

Replacing broken windows or slashed tires is fairly quick and inexpensive and often covered under insurance.  Revenge reviews are nearly impossible to rectify rapidly and almost always costs thousands of dollars to hire a firm like ours to fix negative reviews PLUS all the money lost in terms of lost sales from all those people who read those revenge reviews and refuse to do business with you.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

A few weeks ago we we shared the sad story of the lawyer who was slammed with fake negative reviews that damaged his law practice,  We support this man’s rights to speak his mind and condemn the legal ruling that sided with the fake reviewers who falsified these revenge reviews.

revenge reviews

The textbook case of revenge reviews is credited to Dr, Palmer, DDS and what he did to Cecil the lion. The revenge reviews came surging in.  People were so stoked by this that fake negative reviews about the dentist and the lion are still being posted to his Yelp page to this day – nearly seven years later!

As a public relations professional let me tell you that what the dentist did – if nothing else – is bad optics.  When he doubled-down by saying he didn’t do anything wrong, followed all the rules, etc. he just poured more gasoline on the fire.  Indeed, Cecil’s flame still burns bright to this day,

Dr. Palmer should have hired a PR firm like mine to do crisis management (damage control) then remediate the zillions of revenge reviews.

The smartest thing Dr. Palmer and anyone can ever do is avoid controversy in the first place.

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