Restaurant Ransom

Restaurant Ransom – Fixing Bad Reviews to Combat This Scam is Urgent.

When we first reported on the new restaurant ransom scam last month it had already made national news with victims of fake negative reviews reporting in from all over the country.  Just a few days ago the CBS morning news ran this segment.

Since the restaurant ransom problem jumped from print news to national cable news it’s clear this is a very serious problem  that’s growing like a killer cancer.  The third world bitches and bastards responsible have no compunction or moral compass in guiding them away from harming people’s livelihoods for their own profit.  Google really isn’t helping (watch the above clip again) and federal investigators fumbling over themselves trying to catch perpetrators in Russia, China, Nigeria or wherever is a joke.

It is unconscionable and criminal that restaurant owners are falling victim to extortion schemes and are being demanded to pay up and meet a restaurant ransom or face a slew of bad online reviews that will instantly damage their income and inevitably drive them out of business. There is only one answer to fix restaurant ransom demands; fix negative reviews that make these scam demands possible in the first place. We know exactly how to do that thanks to our years of experience going through a living hell to come out free and clear after beating bad reviews and the scammers responsible.

restuarant ransom

Should you pay a restaurant ransom demand? Hell no! This crime wave only stops when the profit motive is removed and the criminals realize they’re wasting their time. We’ll take care of this problem for you so when all is said and done your restaurant has a glowing online reputation as the scammers get nothing. Then you’re free to maintain and grow your restaurant’s reputation through excellent food, superior service and an overall dynamite dining experience.

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