Fake Online Reviews

fake online reviews

Fake Online Reviews – It’s Impossible to Fight Fair. People have increasingly shopped online, rather than in stores, over the past decade, and the pandemic has accelerated that shift dramatically. Online scams are proliferating exponentially and fake online reviews are surging prompting unsuspecting consumers to spend money on products and services based on fake good reviews as they avoid businesses

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How to Deal with Negative Reviews

deal with negative reviews

Deal with Negative Reviews? DON’T. Google the term “deal with negative reviews” and all kinds of articles come up with all kinds of advice. They’re all wrong.  Read this seemingly-helpful article – 16 Tips to Handle Negative Customer Reviews Online – then take this simple quiz: All of the suggestions make sense – true or false? Responding to bad reviews

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It’s Okay to Bury Bad Reviews

bury bad reviews

It’s Okay to Bury Bad Reviews Why? If you don’t bury bad reviews your unethical competitors and unreasonable customers will bury you with negative reviews. When you bury bad reviews of you and/or your business, you build your brand  by focusing on building positive search results and simultaneously pushing down negative search results to Google screen 2 and screen 3

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