How to Deal with Negative Reviews

Deal with Negative Reviews? DON’T.

Google the term “deal with negative reviews” and all kinds of articles come up with all kinds of advice. They’re all wrong.  Read this seemingly-helpful article – 16 Tips to Handle Negative Customer Reviews Online – then take this simple quiz:

All of the suggestions make sense – true or false?

Responding to bad reviews is a good idea to turn things around – true or false?

It only makes sense to deal with negative reviews head on, right?


That’s because every time you respond to a negative review, that entire bad review webpage ranks higher in Google making it even easier for people to discover your negative search results. Why? Because content is king and as a webpage adds more content – like your response to a scorching review – Google picks up that new content and ranks that webpage higher and higher because the content is fresh with new updates. Conversely, if you DON’T deal with negative reviews on any given page – and nobody else does – that page will actually start ranking lower because the content goes stale.

In fact, attempting to deal with negative reviews by responding to them is like walking right into quicksand; your good intentions will only drag you down.  Every time you deal with negative reviews all you do is pour more gasoline on the fire.

deal with negative reviews

When you pop in to a consumer discussion forum or review website to deal with negative reviews by setting the record straight, responding to them, etc. you’re actually jumping into a snake pit.  As the saying goes – “When you play with snakes you’re gonna get bit.”

Lots of bad reviews are left by trolls who have nothing better to do with their time than engage you in an endless debate while they change their story, what they said, etc. as you attempt to be reasonable and professional.  Meanwhile, Google is ranking this entire public spectacle higher and higher making it easier and easier for all this dirty laundry to be seen front and center by your potential customers.

“When you play with snakes you’re gonna get bit.”

Do you still entertain any thought of taking action to deal with bad reviews? At this point you should understand that’s a hard no. To step into the swamp with trolls, haters and snakes is to trigger a no-win scenario for you and your business.

So what do you do when dealing with bad reviews?  Bury them.  When you bury bad reviews your potential customers will never see them and your trolls and haters are deprived of the oxygen they need to keep going.

Hire us to bury your negative reviews. We’ll pick up our shovel and start giving you peace of mind today.

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