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Fix Fake Reviews – You’re the Only One Who Can Keep the Record Straight

Most times you need to fix fake reviews because a competitor flooded Yelp or Google with bogus complaints that your computer store made his computer worse, his laptop caught fire, you lost all his files, etc. OR your dry cleaning location gave somebody cancer because you use illegal cleaning supplies OR your cleaning service employs ex-convicts who steal from homes, don’t do a good job, etc. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book; if your competitor loses business from fake reviews you gain business.  These dirt bags don’t even think about the ethics and morals  of their evil actions. In cases like these you have no choice; you have to fix fake reviews to protect your reputation and your income.

We just learned about the strange case of negative online reviews that were honest and deserving – but made against the wrong restaurant with a very similar name in a different state. This might be the craziest case of mistaken identity you ever heard of.  Check it out.

fix fake reviews
Suzanne Hrach sits in the restaurant she owns, the Proper Brick Oven And Tap Room. She said her restaurant has received bad reviews because it has been confused with another restaurant embroiled in a tipping controversy.

Google won’t fix fake reviews in this case, the business owner is definitely taking a hit to income in the short term and if she can’t bury bad reviews in the long term there could be permanent damage.  To add insult to injury, all of these well-intended seekers of justice couldn’t bother to pay attention to important details such as the actual name of the restaurant and where they are located.  The offending restaurant is in Arkansas, the innocent victim is in Pennsylvania. C’mon man!  These sloppy/lazy actions are causing unnecessary trouble for an undeserving business owner.

Don’t think twice if you see the need to fix fake reviews. Life isn’t always fair and your business – and you – will suffer if you don’t take action and deal with negative reviews.

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