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Fix Bad Reviews – You’ll Make More Money After You Deal with Negative Reviews

Nobody should be surprised that Jamie Lynn Spears wrote a book about her famous family with the spotlight on her older sister. I am definitely not surprised Jamie has to fix bad reviews of her book.  That’s because legions of Britney Spears fans have slammed this book with fake bad reviews to the point of exiting reality and entering the surreal.  See for yourself.

It’s out of control! What we have here is a colossal job to fix bad reviews on Amazon alone. How do you we know  she has to fight fake reviews here? Just look at the number of scathing reviews that indicate a verified purchase.  There are hardly any. Britney fans swarmed that page and dropped bombs of fake negative reviews continually.

Is this fair? Hell no! Will it cost Jamie a lot of money on lost book sales? Hell yes! Her mission in life right now must be to fix bad reviews of her book, fight back and defend her online reputation.

Fix Bad ReviewsI have to ask myself why Amazon is allowing this to happen.  Common sense tells us that if Amazon were to fix bad reviews on this page by removing fake reviews at every turn, they would make more money because they would sell more copies of this book.

To be fair, if the book genuinely sucks and lots of verified customers say so then, yes, these negative reviews should stand.  We don’t have that here.  It’s blatantly obvious that rabid Britney fans are gaming the online review system to come to the aid of their idol. That’s what happens when you allow people to run wild with a broken online review system. Unfortunately it is borderline impossible to remove bad reviews in this case and certainly not fast enough to stop permanent damage to her book sales.

Why? If for no other reason than Amazon is a corporate colossus.  A big tech titan that barely pays attention when the government knocks on their door.

In this case I would start to fix bad reviews with a public relations push back making Amazon and Barnes & Noble (they’re letting this happen on their website too) the big bad guys allowing haters and trolls to pile on Jamie’s book making it virtually possible for her book to get a fair chance because lots of people who never read the book are allowed to tip the scales with nothing but hate. If you’re being targeted like this let us help you.

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