Fight Negative Reviews from Non-Customers

Fight Negative Reviews from Non-Customers.

Nobodies to your business AKA non-customers should have no say about your business.  That’s why you must fight negative reviews from these pretenders who have an axe to grind but no right to do so.  If they didn’t put up their money as a paying customer they deserve no say in the matter.  False negative reviews made by people who were never actually customers or clients have been hurting roofers, restaurants and even lawyers.

It happened to us too.  As it was always our policy to fight negative reviews, we unapologetically called out the deadbeat and shamed him.  Behold…

fight negative reviews

The mooch unashamedly admitted he didn’t pay for our services and had no problem leaving an undeserved bad review with his ONLY complaint being we wanted to be paid for our services. Imagine that! We had some balls asking for a customer to pay for services after a free trial, right?

Here’s what I said…

fight negative reviews

I appealed to Sitejabber to remove this review since it wasn’t made by an actual customer. They refused.  Of course they did. Nobody should be surprised.

This Illinois attorney was forced to fight negative reviews from people who were never clients and couldn’t speak to his actual level of legal acumen one way or another.  They punished him unfairly for simply speaking his mind.  Whether you agree or not with his opinions is not germane to the conversation; he was slammed with fake negative reviews of his law practice by people who were never clients and didn’t even spend five minutes in his office.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; the online review system is broken.  And rigged.  Turn the tables and fix online reviews on your terms with our proven methodology; when you bury bad reviews you fight negative reviews and win.

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