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Proven Ways to Fight Fake Reviews

If you don’t fight fake reviews they’ll hold you back from your full potential.

Crowdfund Buzz is an industry leader in public relations that leverages ten years of experience to fight fake reviews. When we say we bury bad reviews we mean it and we stand behind our work with a “don’t stop until the job is done” guarantee.  Since 2012 we’ve helped thousands of clients raise $500 million by positioning them in a positive public posture while stomping critics and haters that stand in the way.

You must deal with negative reviews to survive so you can thrive. If you have negative search results on the first page of Google search  you ARE losing money on lost sales. Lots of potential customers won’t even contact you if what they see on Yelp, Sitejabber, etc. is a shit show. What hurts more is getting so close to making a big sale that you can feel it… then lose it after the prospect “does their due diligence” and discovers negative online reviews that sends them running. How do we know? We’ve been there.

It’s common knowledge that most people researching a business stop Googling on page one. Very few people go on to page two and almost nobody persists to page three. Our experienced team leverages everything we learned to manage our online reputation and fight fake reviews.  What did we learn? To bury bad reviews is the fastest, most efficient way to deal with negative reviews.

fight fake reviews

To fight fake reviews head-on is a pointless waste of time. Bury bad reviews deep so they never see the light of day – and are seldom to never seen by anybody ever again.  Seeing is believing when it comes to customers and if they don’t see your negative reviews they’ll believe they can work with you.

We fight fire with fire.  We write, publish and promote articles publicizing all of the positive aspects of your business. Crowdfund Buzz’s two copywriters bring a combined 50 years of experience to create quality content that will put your business in the best possible light from every perspective. Then we tap into our deep 25 years of knowledge of SEO and push all of that good content up to the top — burying negative reviews in the process.

Pushing down negative search results is only one arrow in our quiver.  We’ll help you look good in lots of ways.

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