Bury Negative Search Results

Bury Negative Search Results. If you don’t nail them they’ll nail you.

People don’t care why they Googled you and what they saw sucked. That’s why you must bury negative search results; folks just care that they found them and you know what happens next; you don’t land that big business deal you’ve been striving for or you lose your chance of scoring your dream job or sales suddenly plunge 30 % over the past two weeks.  Google is unforgiving and the people checking you out are unsympathetic as to why they dug up dirt on you or where that dirt came from.

When you bury negative search results you snuff out your problems by preventing questions you don’t want to answer and conclusions you don’t want prospective customers to reach. If a potential customer is looking you up, you don’t want them them to look at the kinds of videos on our About Page. You need to bury bad videos and cleaning up search results is what we’re all about.

If you think online reputation management stops with what you see on Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. you’re fooling yourself.  If you don’t look over your shoulder you’re ignoring your blind side.  Let’s say you own an Italian bistro on Main Street and you’re one of the hottest restaurants in town.  All the review websites glow with 4-5 star reviews of your food.  Meanwhile, a local blogger published an article with the screaming headline “Main Street Bistro Diners Poisoned” or a member of an in-town discussion forum made a post in the Restaurant section: “BAD CLAMS AT MAIN STREET BISTRO. AVOID!!” and without you noticing, your business is cratered on Google screen one.

bury negative search results
You’ll feel like this after we bury negative search results for you.












That’s why it is essential to bury negative search results.  After we’ve worked our magic for you, everybody looking you up will see you in your very best light; how spectacular you are, the impact you made on their lives, etc on your search engine results.  If they were looking for any dirt on you, you come up looking squeaky clean with saintly tendencies. And you will see how sweet life can be when the world sees you in only a positive light.

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