Bad Review Blackmail

Bad review blackmail is just the latest example of how the entire online review system is broken. AQ few days ago a new form of ransomware emerged whereby scammers are trying to extort restaurant owners all over the country with a very simple unstoppable threat with terrifying destructive force; pay us $75 (a messily sum) or we’ll slime your business with fake negative reviews.  According to Curt The Cyber Guy, just one negative review can impact revenue by 10%

This appears to be an organized, coordinated effort that popped up overnight like weeds in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Houston. Among all the media coverage there are indications this is going on in other cities and even countries.  Why shouldn’t bad review blackmail be a global crime?

The better question is – why is something like bad review blackmail being permitted to happen? Why are business owners still participating in what we’ve proven to be a broken system at best but much more likely a rigged system where only the big players (big tech) win? This isn’t the first time we reported on non-customers polluting the online review ecosystem. Do you think the platforms will give you fast relief or any relief at all? Click the link in this paragraph and the link to San Francisco in the previous paragraph and guess again.

bad review blackmail

Now more than ever we encourage business owners to stop playing the online review game by the rules the big boys established and win the online reputation game with us.  Our proven methodology does better than fix fake reviews; we make them irrelevant because we bury bad reviews too deep to be found with nothing but positive, honest content about you and your business at the top.  If scammers are trying to extort restaurant owners the response should be overwhelming in not only stopping this criminal activity but every every form of online review abuse.

How long do you think it will be until these third world cocksuckers move on to pulling this fake review scam on landscapers, chiropractors, carpet cleaners, car washes, dog groomers, dentists, etc.? Don’t wait until it’s your turn.  Get proactive and hire us as your reputation defender today.

If you’re ready to not just fight fake reviews but make them irrelevant and harmless to you, get in touch with us right now.

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