5 Facts of Life About Your Online Reputation

online reputation

5 Facts of Life About Your Online Reputation; Everybody needs a reputation defender. Nothing is more important to your future than your online reputation. It’s the first thing anyone looks up when they hear your name, which will determine whether you get the clients, jobs, opportunities you want or the respect you deserve. If you don’t have a good online

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Fake Review Watch

fake review watch

Fake Review Watch – A Valiant Attempt to Eliminate Fake Reviews Fake Review Watch is a website on a mission to shine a spotlight on the dark underbelly of the criminal enterprise collectively known as fake online reviews.  The buying/selling/trading of fake online reviews is reminiscent of a pirate’s haven like Black Sails or Treasure Island.  Fancy a straight out

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Reputation Management

Reputation management

Reputation Management Might Not be What You Think it is. We’ve made our position clear on what we think reputation management is. It’s not just dealing with negative reviews or fighting fake reviews; it is removing one’s self or business from the battlefield of online reviews entirely by burying bad reviews once and for all. This recent piece in The

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