Amazon Review Problems

Amazon review problems get in the way of an otherwise beautiful thing; Amazon itself. Amazon put a three-day pause on reviews for The Rings of Power premier to get in front of Amazon review problems broadcast by disgruntled and deeply dissatisfied LOTR fans. While I don’t agree with this decision I understand it; lots and lots of LOTR fans were rattled by the re-imagining of many things instead of relishing a faithful interpretation.  My mom and I sat down to watch the first episode and we didn’t make it.  She’s 77 and has very few things left in life that bring her joy. The LOTR saga was one of them.  Company philosophy is that we opt  out of the entire online review system and help others do it so they are truly free. That being said, of any TV show ever deserved to be torched with bad reviews it’s The Rings of Power.  I won’t even lift a finger to stop the real-life trolls.
When one thinks of Amazon review problems they usually run along the lines of “dirty scumbag seller A” machine guns “honest seller B” with dozens of fake negative reviews thus tanking them…
… OR …
“Dishonest Douche bag Seller D” bribes 50-100 Amazon buyers with cash, free products, etc. to post fake positive reviews so he can game the Amazon ranking system and make money selling their dog shit product to unsuspecting consumers.  Meanwhile, honest sellers are tempted (forced?) to turn to the dark side of The Force and play the same game or risk going broke since the douche bag is raking in all the cash on sales he doesn’t deserve.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Amazon review problems in a nutshell.
Amazon Review Problems
So what do you do? If you’re  a regular reader of this blog you already know the answer; you side-step this shit show and refuse to play in Amazon’s sand  box.  Here are three alternatives to Amazon’s eCommerce multiverse of madness:
WordPress. This is far and away the #1 way because you own your own online store.  You own your website, you set all the policies, make all the rules and do whatever you want.  You’ll be doing more work in terms of setting up hosting your website, hiring a web professional to build your site and enabling eCommerce with Woo Commerce or something similar, then open your merchant account, etc.  but it’ll all be worth it thanks to total control, complete freedom and  lower operating costs.
Shopify or Wix. Similar to Amazon, they make set up and launch of your website a breeze – at a price.
Whichever solution you choose you have total freedom from online reviews. When you own the process, you own online reviews.  You’re the boss.
There’s no better way to eliminate bad reviews than making them impossible to exist in the first place.