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Bury Bad Reviews or Starve. We were forced to become experts.

That’s because we were losing thousands of dollars in sales every month due to negative online reviews. To bury bad reviews was the key to our growth.  We were spinning our wheels on our sales process losing solid sales leads scared away by unfair and fake reviews until we learned how to fight fake reviews and take back our online reputation.

It took us about five years of trial and error and we lost tons of money along the way to get to the promised land; we never have to deal with negative reviews again and we’ll never lose a sale again because of negative reviews.  A few weeks after you hire us you can join us in paradise.

We Feel Your Pain.

If you work hard, build a good business and make money you too might have your competitors pay for a fake video review of how much you guys suck, what kind of online scam you are, etc.  We were forced to master the art and science of how to bury bad reviews to stop losing tens of thousands of dollars per year on lost sales from spooked clients.

Where You Are We Once Were.

Bury Bad Reviews

The two bullshit fake reviews above are still counted among online reviews for us but you’re going to face quite a challenge and spend a good chunk of time to find them.  That’s because necessity (survival?) forced us to bring all of our public relations firepower to bear to bury bad reviews. We mastered every tactic to bury negative search results and now all of our haters and competitors are in our rear view mirror as we speed ahead in the fast lane growing our PR firm and making more money than ever.

“Sometimes someone is targeted if only because they are one of the tallest trees in the forest.” – John McAfee, founder of McAfee AntiVirus talking about fake negative reviews.

If you want to grow your business you must eliminate negative reviews off the radar of your potential customers.

Don’t let unreasonable customers or unscrupulous competitors damage your business or your career.  Hire us to fight fake reviews for you and build a positive reputation that will help you grow your business and make much more money for years far into the future.

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